Protection of historical monuments

Monuments should be preserved

Modern preservation of monuments…

Makes extraordinarily high demands on the building materials used. Previously used building material compositions often do not or only partially meet these requirements. Many of them lead to undesirable side effects in the long term. The use of unsuitable products in the restoration and conservation of monuments thus becomes an incalculable risk.
This problem is the main reason for the limited usability of many coatings. The regulating and conserving properties of Thermoluxx protect the historical building fabric from the natural temperature and humidity fluctuations to which every building is exposed. Thermoluxx develops its effect even on the most demanding substrates such as wood or clay and under the most extreme weather conditions. Thermoluxx's versatility adds to its superiority in terms of building physics. The colour-like material allows the proven techniques for preparing the substrate for the repair work as well as the well-known processing techniques for decorative design.