Product sourcing and storage

What you should know

Thermoluxx Premium
available in bucket size of 16 litres
Thermoluxx Ultra
available in bucket sizes of 5 and 16 litres
Durability of our thermal liquid products:
up to 12 months
Recommended storage temperature:
between 5 to 20°C
Delivery time:
5-10 days, depending on quantity
Application strength of our thermal liquid products:
2 to 3 layers recommended (achieves a layer thickness of approx. >2mm)
This results in a material requirement per m2:
1 to 1.5 litres per application thickness of 2mm (corresponds to approx. 400ml per layer/m2)
Processing temperature of our thermal liquid products:
should not be applied below 5°C!
Drying time:
24 hours until completely dry
Dry breaks:
6 hours rest period between application of the individual layers
Colour selection:
basic colour white, can be coloured according to your wishes