Tips for use

Before you start applying thermal liquid insulations from Thermoluxx

Surface preparation

The surfaces to be treated should first be cleaned, degreased and free of corrosion. For the application of Thermoluxx on galvanized surfaces a good primer is strongly recommended!

Preparation of thermal liquid insulation

After opening the bucket, the thermal liquid insulation of Thermoluxx should be mixed well with a commercially available colour mixer (approx. 100 to 150 revolutions/min.). If the material has viscous properties, it can be diluted to the total amount with up to 2% water and mixed.

Application of thermal liquid insulation

Now the application of the thermal liquid insulation of Thermoluxx can be started. Make sure that the substance to be coated is completely dry.

The thermal liquid insulation is applied with a brush, spatula, roller or spray nozzle in 2, 3 or more layers, depending on the conditions and area of application. Allow the applied layers to dry for 6 hours before applying the next coat. It takes 24 hours to dry completely.


For 1m2 and an application thickness of 2mm, 1 to 1.5 litres of thermal liquid insulation is required.


Note: We recommend that you thoroughly rinse your brushes, rollers or spray nozzles after using Thermoluxx products. Protective clothing and protective mask (especially when used with a spray nozzle) is recommended!