About us

We are a young Swiss company that works with technologically advanced and environmentally friendly insulation and surface sealing products. We don't just sell - we develop our products ourselves. We always ensure that our products meet the highest efficiency and ecological requirements.
We live in a time of rethinking... We humans are becoming more and more aware that we are actually acting very wastefully and thoughtlessly and what the result and consequences are. Sustainability, environmental protection, economy and sustainability are becoming more and more important.
As already mentioned, we are a small, young company and a young team with a big vision. In our vision we see a future with less CO2 emissions, less greenhouse gases and less environmental pollution... but how does it work?
We want to do our part and are focused on reducing emissions in the field of thermal energy.
Today, the production of thermal energy requires the combustion of fossil fuels such as oil, gas or wood to name a few. Burning these carbonaceous materials generates greenhouse gases and CO2 emissions. High-quality insulation reduces energy requirements and thus also greenhouse gases and CO2 emissions. We follow this approach.