Corrosion protection

Metal protection in a class of its own!

It is well known that most metals react chemically to moisture and oxygen. Some metals such as iron corrode and rust forms in the long term. In industrial plants, corrosion can cause costly damage which can lead to a high loss of value.
Load-bearing steel structures can also be damaged if they are exposed to constant temperature fluctuations and numerous other harmful influences such as salts, acids or aggressive chemicals. Apart from the loss in value, advanced corrosion also poses a source of danger. Numerous international tests and applications have shown that Thermoluxx increases service life and reduces costly maintenance work.

Metal protection in a class of its own!

Tank facilities

With the sealing of tank systems you protect not only the surfaces against corrosion but also against heat and cold.

Industrial plants

An unsealed surface causes corrosion on most metals. At an advanced stage, this in turn poses a source of danger.

industrial buildings

By sealing metallic industrial halls, the heat is radiated and thus the roofs heat up much less.