Our products

Thermoluxx Premium

Our most used…

thermal liquid insulation. Their field of application covers the entire building exterior and interior insulation. Can be applied to virtually all load-bearing surfaces.

Thermoluxx Ultra

Our heat-resistant…

thermal liquid insulation. Its property is heat resistance. Can be applied to practically all load-bearing surfaces. Classification of the fire behaviour of Thermoluxx Ultra according to European standard EN 13501-1 and DIN 4102-1: A2-S1, d0

Soon available:

Thermoluxx Transparency

Our invisible...

new and unique transparent thermal liquid insulation. Designed to thermally insulate glass without you seeing it! Tests and certification in progress. Expected to be available in early 2020.

not yet available:

Thermoluxx Tile

Our hardest…

Thermoluxx Tile can be used as a supplement to Thermoluxx Premium to meet the highest thermal insulation requirements. Thermoluxx Tile are approx. 10mm thick insulation boards for highest insulation efficiency! Can be used for all load-bearing and straight surfaces. Thermoluxx Tile will be available from 3rd quarter 2020 at the earliest!