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What is Thermoluxx?

The original product of Thermoluxx is a thermal liquid insulation based on nanotechnology. A further development of a technology developed for space travel.

A lot has happened in the meantime. Whether thermal liquid insulation, heat-resistant liquid insulation or thermal mats for highly efficient thermal insulation - some of the products in our range.

Research is currently underway on a new type of thermal liquid insulation for the thermal insulation of glass, and development is in its final stages.

Certification is ongoing as for all our products. Thermoluxx is a 100 percent ecological water-based product and can be used for practically all load-bearing substrates.

Thermoluxx is a multi-certified product.

Properties of Thermoluxx

The interplay of millions of tiny ceramic hollow spheres with a swellable binder makes possible for the first time a coating substance that protects the underlying substance from heat, cold and moisture all year round in any room climate and any weather and weather conditions.

In addition to their efficient insulating and moisture-regulating properties, Thermoluxx coatings also offer effective and reliable protection against corrosion and UV radiation.

Thermoluxx coatings can also be used for extreme areas such as insulation against heat radiation from heating pipes or also against cold radiation from cooling pipes.

Even 2mm thermal liquid insulation from Thermoluxx meets the requirements of modern insulation.

Thermoluxx coatings can be applied to surfaces of almost any shape and composition (concrete, ceramic, metal, wood and plastic) with a brush, roller or spray nozzle.

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